Our Conversational/ESOL classes are designed to help new migrants engage with volunteers from the local community and develop their English.
Learning takes place in a relaxed environment; classes are in small groups and individual attention is stressed. Since 2011, Culture Connect has supported over 5,000 students, accommodating students from different nations each week.

The Conversational classes focus primarily on speaking skills and a bit of grammar, comprehension and pronunciation.

Enrolment is throughout the year; registration is required to join the class.

• Beginners
• Intermediate
• Advanced

Cambridge Business English

Now enrolling for accredited Cambridge Business English courses. Classes will be held in Culture Connect Centre. If interested, please contact our office for more information.

For Cambridge Exam preparation, Business English or any other advanced English courses please visit: www.connectservices.ie

You may also contact Flora on: 083 130 9244 or email: info@connectservices.ie for more information.