Human conflicts often stem from lack of adequate communication, tolerance and misunderstanding. The core of intercultural mediation effort is to bring about a level playing field for reconciling cultural conflicts. This in effect is the elimination of attitudes/feelings of superiority/inferiority in the business of social interactions. Intercultural mediation services hope to address these fundamentals by providing an enabling platform that provides:

• Intercultural mediation services to help resolve cultural conflicts arising in schools, hospitals, workplace and broader community.
• Reconcile conflicting standpoints
• Build confidence in the communities
• Enhance capacity to help develop longer term friendship and co-operation between different communities
• Address sectarianism and racism
• Develop positive relations
• Support dialogue between the target groups to reduce sectarianism and racism and enhance better relationships thereby, creating a more peaceful community
• Respond to the needs of the different cultures/groups
• Work towards providing effective communication services

• We engage with parents, schools, community groups, agencies, service providers, ethnic minority groups providing linkage that promotes steady involvement in community collaboration, participation, peace building and tolerance while reducing misunderstanding; offering them an opportunity to learn about other cultures first hand and provide a chance for them to consult with people who are experts in their own cultures.

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