Connect Intercultural camp offer multi-activity workshops to local and international participants of all nations; ages 4 to 17 years. Camp runs all through the summer months; over 4 to 6 weeks, Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 4pm, focusing on workshops such as, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Dance, Sports, Language learning, Digital photography, Cookery, Blogging, Computer coding and Youth leadership workshops; all designed to develop the potential of participants while creating fun.

The local Camp engages 40 to 80 children and young adults from different backgrounds. Participants rotate from one activity to the other every hour over four hours each day. While participants engage with the various activities, they also meet and interact with new friends from different local schools and communities.
The camp hire tutors/camp assistants and volunteers who lead the children through a memorable experience as the activities are taught through fun, games, songs, arts, crafts, role play, audio tape and DVDs and CDs. The camp ensures that camp staff and assistants are Garda vetted and also complies with the GDPR.

Camp objectives:

  • The camp Increase intercultural awareness
  • Empower children to develop interest in languages
  • Practise creativity.
  • Create fun and activities that help to occupy children all through the summer.


  • Participants have the opportunity to communicate and interact with other children who ordinarily may not have had the chance to meet.
  • Connection with participants from other cultures are promoted
  • Participants are exposed to a strong base could be built upon for future language learning
  • Integration and interaction amongst local and foreign children are promoted.